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Subject:  Re: Lawn Care Date:  11/27/2003  11:36 PM
Author:  baldguy13 Number:  9143 of 15031


Allow me to expand on your ramble. My situation is somewhat like Duck's. I'm about to be the victim of another company's mismanagement. They will be going out of business within the year (maybe sooner!), and I'm tired of living through this with little, if any, say in the outcome.

Firstly, I have little interest in lawn care as a passion. If I do decide to pursue this, I will be taking a few crash courses at Michigan State (ag. college) to help my understanding of lawn/gardening and to get licensed to fertilize and use pesticide/herbicide. I simply was looking into lawn care just as you said. Upon running further numbers, it does not seem to generate a good income until you have at least 7 crews (figuring about $10,000 profit per crew). That is estimating insurance and taxes and 10% reinvestment. As with most businesses, it seems you have to stay small or large. If you try to make it through the growth stage, you risk losing it all.

Secondly, I have thought about rent-a-nerd or consulting, but my background is in software for the printing industry, which is the 3rd largest manufacturing sector in America, but it is dying a not-so-slow death. While print will never fully die, printers are not ones to invest in new technology, which makes it tough for startups to get started.

Thirdly, you talk about creating some time until I can do what I really want to for a living. That's where my real problem lies. In my adult life, I have mainly been in computers for 16 years, but in between computer jobs (especially before it was a popular profession), I did everything including stocking shelves at a grocery store, pumping gas, bouncing at a bar, delivering pizza, teaching college courses, flipping burgers, and selling vacuum cleaners. It is both my gift and my curse that I enjoyed everything that I did. The gift is that I learned everything I could about each industry and that cumulative knowledge has served me pretty well for not having a college degree (not that I wouldn't like one now, it just wasn't in the cards for me before). It is a curse in that I have passion for almost nothing. I love mountain biking, but have went for a few years without doing it and not missed it. I am truly a techno-geek, but I do not miss computers when I am away from them for a few weeks at a time. I am quite creative in inventing some things, but to get those things into production would take hundreds of thousands of dollars.

I guess the thing that comes closes to a passion for me is people. I love talking to people. Meeting new people. Helping them achieve their goals. This means almost any business I pursue will fit into those parameters. My problem with most companies is they do not value the customer enough... I figure with my own business, I can make sure this happens. If anybody's got any ideas on a business that may fit these parameters, I'm all ears.

-feeling lost
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