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Subject:  Re: Explorer + U-Haul? No Date:  1/11/2004  2:35 AM
Author:  calengr Number:  30466 of 73889

U-haul is doing a favor to Explorer owners.

I don't know about their trailers but I can confirm that their box trucks are junk.

One time I was renting a small box truck to pick up a mattress. The first U-Haul truck sounded like the engine was dying 100 yards up the road from the rental place. I turned around and took it back. When I got the second truck, it started raining. Five miles up the road, I just got a bad feeling inside so I pulled over and looked in the back. There was a hole in the floor that was letting lots of water from the road to penetrate. Back to the rental store. The third truck looked junky but was able to do the job. The interstate highway driving was scary because the top speed of the truck was 65 mph.

The rental place advertised new trucks but all 3 trucks I drove looked about 20 years old and bought from a junk yard.


they had some really good rackets going where we rented from:

charge customers for damage, but put a little sticker with a translucent "X" over it, rather than fixing it. Most of the damage was side scrapes of the paint, so they could charge five or more people to fix the same damage before doing anything about it. Truck we got had rust in some places from missing paint.

The gas gauge in the truck we had varied between 1/4 and overfull, depending if you were going uphill or downhill. Of course they said it was 3/4 full when I rented it and I looked down half a mile out of the place and thought I had a fuel leak. After a quick "U"-turn (pun definitely intended), I figured out what was going on. I ended up putting $8 worth of fuel in the truck, just to make sure they wouldn't charge me $2 a gallon + $20 for labor to fill it. I drove it a grand total of...

6 miles. $1.33 a mile for gas.

Speaking of top speed, the truck I rented had a top speed of about 35 mph; before I became scared of it shaking itself apart.

Of course, the reason why the trucks are so bad is people like me:

200# weight limit in Mom's Attic? We'll see about THAT! You could see the boxes tilt from inside the truck, the outside wasn't any better.
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