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Subject:  Re: Starting new craft business Date:  1/26/2004  10:31 AM
Author:  ozzlander Number:  2188 of 7350


After looking at your items, I can probably help you out with your ebay sales. I have sold hundreds of items on Ebay and have a good track record with sales.

1. You have a rating of zero. Not good. Buy some stuff with your account and pay promptly. Get that glowing feedback and some numbers up there. If you are a good buyer, odds are that you are a good seller also. I would try for 20 feedback. You don't have to buy expensive things, go for a movie poster, a dress, a book, it really doesn't matter. just remember that people can see what you bought for a few months, so don't go with anything that would make you look "odd".

2. Your description and title of your items are dry. Handcrafted Apple Bowl with Lid can turn into Authentic Nicaraguan Handcrafted Wooden Apple Bowl. Then jazz up the description with desciptive words about the item, the location it is from, and the people who made it, especially the people who made it. "Handcrafted in the small Nicaraugan village by XXXX by the wife of a goat herder" sounds much better than just "made in Nicaragua" Give the item some history, some character in your description and you will see a difference. This auction is a good example of tempting you to buy <a href=""> Moroccan Box </a>

3. You take Paypal which is great. That will help intice peple to buy. Lots of people will not purchase unless they can pay by Paypal.

4. You need to put an exact charge for shipping in insurance. Be sure and include your cost of boxes and bubble wrap or whatever you use. People want a set cost for shipping so there are no nasty surprises. Box it up and have it weighted at the post office for shipping prices. Or weigh it yourself, and then type in the weight at the usps website. They way I always did it was calculate shipping to California for Missouri then add a couple of dollars for my shipping materials. Since I am Missouri, it gave me a good idea of the most expensive it would be to ship in the US. Just say "shipping for this item is $12 via Priority Mail" That is all you need to put. It will also help you avoid potential problems later if the buyer thinks the shipping is too high.

5. Learn some basic HTML to jazz up your listing. It doesn't take much, a little colored text in a different font (arial or veranda is the best for web based reading), ability to place your photos where you want them instead of relying on Ebay's photo placement. Perhaps you can add a graphic that depicts Nicaraguan culture. Make your listing stand out and look like a magazine ad instead of a classified listing. It is surprisingly easy. Just figure out what you want and set up a template in Textpad and preview it on your computer. Then just change the description and the pictures for each auction. When you are listing your auction, just view the source code of your template and copy and paste all of it into the box in the form for your auction.

I hope this helps you out. You have some beautiful items, that I can easy see being shown on the HGTV decorating shows.... you know what I mean "And we found this authenitc Nicaraguan hand carved fruit tray for only $20 as opposed the item in our inspiration room which cost $3000". Man I love that "Sensible Chic" show. :) Any way I hope I haven't come off as too harsh. Good luck!


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