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Subject:  Re: AAII Membership - Opinions wanted Date:  1/30/2004  1:08 AM
Author:  jimpiccard Number:  28180 of 46936

AAII's stuff is the dryest investing info journals around....and the ones with no real agendas, per se, other than the individual investor. That essentially means, they are probably the most trustworthy..and least colorful (do those always go together??) of investor stuff around.

So I finally gave in and just forked over the few hundred for lifetime membership; and the Computing one, too. biggest complaint...the turkeys are anti-investor in one very important area: they are truly anti-Mac compatible. The fact that millions of folks use Macs; that an even higher proportion of investors use Macs than the general population...doesn't move their grand poo-bah of computing one bit. That's the one, clear area where they do a disservice.
It's one thing to always start off with the platform that is (unfortunately) the most widespread; it's quite another to ignore all the others...and the millions that use them...and still claim to be 'for the investor'.


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