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Subject:  Re: Below $12????? Date:  2/3/2004  12:52 PM
Author:  illini1990 Number:  200 of 766

I agree ... my interest really starts to pick up at $11 to get more
CNXS. I say $11 only because my personal situation would require an
even greater discount than the present price before I overload a bit
on one particular stock. I think this is a great price for HGers
who have some extra cash waiting to be invested in a relatively boring

This stock is starting to enter bargain territory if you consider:

1.) Tom recommended the stock below $14 when it was trading between
$12.50 and $13 at the time of the 6 month review newsletter. Now,
currently at $11.93, it's a 15% discount to Tom's recommendation.

CNXS was also #4 on Tom's 6 month list.

2.) In Matt Richey's original analysis, he conservatively estimated 7.5%
FCF growth, which lead to an estimate of $18-$21 over 3 years. The
price of the stock was $11.59-$11.63 when he wrote it, and nothing
has materially changed since then (Aug/Sept 2003).

2.) Mike's great post:

3.) Alex's great post:

4.) I will be buying more Breathe Right strips, because my wife
continues to complain about my snoring when I don't use them.
This is the Free Plus (TM) that Tom often talks about. ;)

I've got my Yahoo alerts ready to trigger when CNXS becomes ridiculous.
This is a great entry stock for newer HGers who are disillusioned with
the runups of FARO and Radyne.



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