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Subject:  My money is mine Date:  2/4/2004  10:08 AM
Author:  AlphaWolf Number:  436801 of 2293207

Liberals don't understand that my money is mine.

This is exactly what the radical right Bush administration is all about: Greed.

Is all the money you earn yours?

Have you ever used a doctor who was educated with public funds?

Have you attended a public school?

Have you enjoyed environmental safety?

Do you use public transportation?

Have you ever flown from an airport built with public funds?

Have you ever used a road or highway built with public funds?

Have you ever purchased food that was transported on a public highway?

Have you ever enjoyed one of our National parks?

Have you ever taken medicine tested by the FDA?

Do you enjoy the protection of our legal system?

Do you feel safe because police are watching over your community?

Is a fire department in your neighborhood?

Have you ever read a book from the public library?

Have you ever voted in an election?

Do you enjoy the protection of our military?

Do you think injured veterans should receive care?

Should areas of natural disaster receive help?

Do you think Homeland security is a good idea?

Should assistance be offered to the poor?

Have your parents or grandparents received Social Security?

Have you invested in a company that requires SEC filings?

Do you think children should go hungry?

Do you support putting criminals in prisons?

Are you reading this over the internet?

Do you know anyone who recieved healthcare?

Do you think our military should be armed with the latest technology?

Have you enjoyed a glass of clean water?

Do you believe we should have help fight disease?

Should we ignore foreign policy?

Have you spent any US currancy today?

No, the problem isn't that it's your money. The problem is that you want all these services (and many more) and you want someone else to pay for them.

In my book, that's called greed.

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