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Subject:  Re: Poll: New to board.. digital or old school Date:  2/19/2004  8:05 AM
Author:  davekone Number:  4112 of 23252

I was responding to this comment:” The back-end work is far too high for anyone to go to digital on high volume work. Anyone who says they are a wedding photographer and they use 100% digital are one of two things:
1. A liar
2. Very, very good to the point where they never over or under expose under any conditions, the color, saturation, hue, curves, etc are perfect everytime. In other words, they are perfect photographers. This is rare, but possible. Although, they would miss 90% of the action.”

I dont know if you have a COSTCO store near you but out my way they do 4x6 prints from digital for .29 cents each.

Shutterfly does 4x6 in volume for .29 to .25 cents. Other places on line snapfish I think does digital prints 4x6 in volume for .19-.25 per print.

Granted film proofs on-line 4x6 are running around $3 a roll, but you had to buy the film as well costing who knows how much since I haven't priced film in a while. Also how many pictures do you miss when you have to re-load the camera during an event? Having a 2nd body and or a helper is a must when shooting film.

With digital you show your proofs on your screen (Free) or send them low quality pictures on a CD for them to review. There is software that will take a folder of pictures, auto color, auto level, and sharpen etc. with a few clicks.

Its really a matter of opinion and preference as to what a person will use for an event. "No one is lying" if they say they shoot weddings or any other event 100% digital. I know photographers that do it digital, ones that do it film and many more that do BOTH. I've even seen some people with two cameras, one digital and one film on a tripod side by side shooting simultaneously! Some shoot a digital picture and read the histogram on the camera, then set their film camera accordingly based on that histogram.


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