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Subject:  Re: Poll: New to board.. digital or old school Date:  2/19/2004  2:14 PM
Author:  ToesOnTheNose Number:  4130 of 23251

There is software that will take a folder of pictures, auto color, auto level, and sharpen etc. with a few clicks.

I guess I can't find that software.

Shutterfly does 4x6 in volume for .29 to .25 cents. Other places on line snapfish I think does digital prints 4x6 in volume for .19-.25 per print.

Does that include corrections? I've seem that too. But it requires no corrections. They print what's there.

I've even seen some people with two cameras, one digital and one film on a tripod side by side shooting simultaneously!

Then, you've seen me. That's what I do. But, I don't actually use the digital for anything other than study. It's probably my camera, or user error of some sort, because I seem to be about the only one with issues, but my digital reads differently than my film, so I cannot use the same settings. And, therefore I also have little trust in my ability to actually use digital. I understand film and get consistent results. I get sketchy results with digital. Sometimes good, sometimes not.

But, i keep trying digital. I have heard about the auto functions in the software, and have actually had a small amount of success using photoshop to make color black and white, or sepia. Or in making wallets.

So, I'm not against digital. I just haven't found it appealing for high volume work yet. But, then, I haven't really given it a full try.

To counter your arguement about film loading, what happens if you run out of memory and you have to pop in a new card. I bet I can load film as fast as you could pop in a new card. It would be a fun contest anyway. I have multiple cameras going all the time, including my digital.

The pro labs are not yet cool with you taking your card popping it into their system and asking them to do all the same things as they do with print film. This is where I am confused. I don't know why it is different, but it is. They all offer these great prices if there is no correction, but charge an arm and a leg if there is some correction required. I just don't get it.

But, I am going to my lab today to pick up a reprint order, so I'll ask the owner what the deal is with this situation.


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