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Subject:  Re: Stick To Your Knitting? Date:  3/9/2004  9:13 PM
Author:  Duff23 Number:  256 of 766

I've been an endurance athlete for the past twenty years. Countless hours have been spent training and racing, the last 10 yrs of which I've focused exclusively on cycling. Now that I've become a registered Fool and shareholder I can't think of a better group athletes to embrace this product en masse.

Cyclists will do just about anything (under the governing body's guidelines, of course) to get even the slightest performance increase from their bodies. I can't begin to quantify the amount of money we (cyclists) blow anually on performance enhancing products such as energy gels, drink mixes, antioxidants, protein mixes, etc...the list goes on forever. A BreatheRight strip seems a much simpler concept for cyclists to accept...there's no "finding the one that works for you" as is the case with most energy products...since "oxygen" (and more of it) works for everyone!

Well I haven't seen much penetration into this sport (at least not in the Northeast) so I'm going to run a little test this racing season. I'll start by pulling up to the start line of each race wearing a BreatheRight strip (racing is a weekly activity throughout the summer). If I know my teammates as well as I think, they'll all be wearing BreathRight's by mid-summer. Then I'll see how the rest of the group reacts. We usually have about 100 guys lining up for our race on any given weekend, and that's just one group. I think there's anywhere from 300-600 racers that toe the line on any given race day. Maybe by the end of the summer it will have caught on...who knows.

I think there's a lot of potential for this product in cycling. I do have one confession though....I haven't tried one yet (What can I say, I'm an optimist). I'll buy a box this week and try it out on a training ride this weekend.

Breath on!
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