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Subject:  Re: Keeping it in Perspective Date:  3/10/2004  12:24 AM
Author:  mks222 Number:  257 of 766

Hi all,

I have to admit I am a bit un-nerved by this huge drop on account of the new earnings release. I am undecided about increasing my position (the stock is pretty much right where I bought it after the recommendation) or getting out of it.

The original recommendation from Matt Richey (whom I respect greatly) outlined the values in this company in a pretty convincing way and I am still happy to hang on. However, the press release bothers me a great deal. The "short flu season" is something that does not really compute with me that well. If you read the take on TMF

about other companies having had decent sales in February you will also notice that the flu was considered especially severe in December. Now, if people by CNXS products in December at the hight of the flu epedemic than that would call for follow-on sales pretty much straight away - right?

Another issue is the infamously delayed shipment to Japan which was being blamed for the drop in stock price from the previous quarter. These revenues and earnings should now be included in the last quarter and should have somewhat offset the short flu season effect.

Apart from that, I agree with other posters about the unrealized potential in the US market. With only 3% of market penetration there is a lot of room out there to grow - not to mention the big wide world which is largely untapped. CNXS should definately concentrate their efforts in their core product rather than diversify into other lines (imho).

Thanks for listening (reading). Comments are greatly appreciated.

Cheers - Markus
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