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Subject:  random thoughts Date:  3/10/2004  6:35 AM
Author:  offramp Number:  261 of 766

First of all, I want to say I am honored to be in a specific stock discussion group where people aren't freaking out because the stock got hammered [corrected] in one day. I live and breathe [right] small-cap growth stocks. I'm used to this, and in fact I was in a better mood on Tuesday than I was on Monday. I've survived much worse (COCO dropped 55% in two weeks back in 2001), and have been rewarded every time for doing nothing or adding to my position.

Tom (illini1990) - Personal sidenote, CHS has caused me to smile a lot more these days. You too?

What CNS needs is branding. That's what it's called, right? When the product name is used; e.g. bandaids, coke machine, roller blades, etc.

Duff23 - I hope you win first place every race, and remember to keep that strip on your nose while you're being photographed for the paper -- we need free advertising! Keep us updated.

Maybe, for one or two football seasons, CNS can sponsor a major college bowl game and call it "The Breathe Right Bowl." They can pass out strips to all who attend and get them to pose for a group picture.

mks222 - Before you make a decision, ask yourself, "Why did I originally buy stock in this business?" My guess is you understood their products and the business is within your circle of competence.

MFCatbert - I also worry about their use of the $40 million in cash for a "strategic acquisition". Would you rather they get a loan? I've seen small companies make excellent well-thoughout acquisitions in the past that have benefitted them greatly; e.g. Chico's acquiring White House|Black Market for $90M cash. I specifically search for companies with cash positions for this reason alone.

Does anyone here use saline nasal spray? I have tried the Breathe Right brand, and it works well, but for cost savings I buy generic which works just as well. I also make my own saline nasal spray (warm water and a pinch of non-iodized salt). A few squirts of saline nasal spray before I hit the shower, and I'm breathing fine for the rest of the day.

Since this is a somewhat boring unknown stock, perhaps we're near a bottoming out. This is not a glamor stock, and is more reasonably valued. I see upside potential.

Costume idea: Next halloween, buy a box of FLAIR Equine nasal strips and dress up as a racehorse with congestion.

Breathe Right,
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