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Subject:  Re: Fool X-Treme Visa! Date:  4/2/2004  11:38 AM
Author:  petero1951 Number:  156 of 190

I am appalled that you are enabling the teen market to go into debt. Reality shows that teens often want to make unwise purchases based on emotions and peer pressure. Now you want to make it possible for them to satisfy those immature desires and end up in big time debt.

You say the average college student only has $3000 in credit card debt and go on to talk like it should be higher. I thought Fools were fiscally responsible and the goal was to shed all debt- not encourage it. This plan will dangle the carrot in front of young people least knowledgeable about the pitfalls of debt. At the same time, it encourages them to satisfy every little desire they have. All while making Mom and/or Dad the "Daddy Warbucks."

As for paying for books and tuition, there are loans and scholarships and for heaven sakes, they can get a job and work!

Tell me this isn't so. My opinion of Fooldom has just taken a dive. I can only believe you are doing this to get in on this incredible untapped market and reap the profits accorded to all credit card issuers. Your logic about poor little kids that can't buy what they want doesn't float with me at all.
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