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Motley Fool Hidden Gems / HGS: CNS


Subject:  Keep breathing Date:  5/22/2004  6:10 AM
Author:  offramp Number:  379 of 766

Various thoughts & observations about this company...

First of all, I do own shares of CNS. Whenever a stock I own takes a dip, I consider adding to my position. With CNS, I am hesitant to do this. The best way to approach this is to re-evaluate the business, and pose the question, "If I didn't already own shares of this stock, would I consider including them in my portfolio?" I don't want to fool myself into buying more shares, just so my average purchase price looks low in my online portfolio.

I am just as puzzled and leery as other CNS owners about what's going on. But I am also clinging to the long-term picture of a minimum two year holding, and the possibilities this might yield. Whatever happens now is important, but I keep thinking about these stretched out charts (long time span) and how dips become less and less noticeable.

I wasn't expecting huge returns with my CNS investment. But I am in constant search of the best places to put my money. The 52-week high was $14.85. If CNS reaches $21 by the end of 2005, the minimum return would be 41% (for two year holders). There's always the possibility that the stock market, as a whole, will have a negative return this year, and maybe a low return next year. Cash investments looked good only a couple of years ago. Imagine getting a 15% return in 2002 with a small basket of stocks. You'd look good -- for that year.

On the flipside, like Warren Buffett, I am comparing my returns less and less to S&P or any other index. What kind of return are you expecting when you make an investment? How long do you expect this to take?

Have you ever pulled up next to someone at a red light, and they inch up, and keep slowly pulling forward past the white stop bar, and moving forward slowly more and more until they're practically sticking out into the intersection? Then the light turns green, and they take their time moving their foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal, as if they're only comfortable with red lights, yet don't know what to do with green.

Patience. Impermanence.

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