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Subject:  30 Minute Meal Drinking Game Date:  6/1/2004  2:59 PM
Author:  sbrian2003 Number:  34288 of 56677

Anyone remember a drinking game called "Hi, Bob?" My older brother and his friends used to play it while watching The Bob Newheart Show. The rules are pretty simple: Whenever anyone on the show says "Hi, Bob" to Bob Newheart, you had to take a drink. Whoever was sober at the end of the show won.

My partner told me that he and his friends used to play a similar game in the '80's called "B*tchslapped." Only they watched Dynasty and whenver anyone got slapped, you had to take a drink.

We want to make up a similar game for Rachel Ray's 30 Minute Meals. (Not because we plan to play it, but just because we think it's funny.)

Same premise as the above two games, but you have to take a drink (or more) depending on which phrase or story Rachel uses. For example, Rachel always says "Need it twice, chop it once." That should be good for a drink. But when she says how much oil (or other liquid) to use in a recipe, she always says, "once around the pan, or twice around the pan, and so on (instead of giving you tablespoon). I was thinking those should be worth extra drinks: once around the pan=1 drink, twice=2 shots, and so on.

What about other phrases and how much should they be worth?
Here are some of the ones that come to mind:

"Prewashed salad is a 30 minute meal girl's best friend."
"My mother would be so telling me to make two trips."
"I don't bake. I'm not the baker in the family."
"I was a fountain girl, so I can make mean...."
"Give it legs"
"Let that hang out."

My personal favorite is "Poultry Seasoning" as in, "I don't know about you, but I've always got poultry seasoning around the house. Every year at Thanksgiving, you go to the store and can't remember if you have poultry seasoning at home, so you buy a bottle, only to get it home and find out that you've got three or four already in the pantry."

Personally, I think that one should be worth about a half a bottle right there.


A big Rachel Ray, fan. Really. (Otherwise, how would I have noticed how many times she uses the same phrases. At least it isn't "Bam!"

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