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Subject:  Re: Damn! Bobbin snafu Date:  6/2/2004  12:34 PM
Author:  PipneyJane Number:  2806 of 7394

. BTW, have you checked the thread itself? I recently had a problem with thread. I broke 4 needles, and it kept getting caught in the bobbin, too. I couldn't figure out why because I have several spools of this thread and it's always worked great before, it's from Coats & Clark, so it's not garbage thread. I just couldn't figure it out. Then I changed the thread and bobbin to a different spool (same color, brand, etc.) and it worked fine. I still have no clue why I had such a problem with the thread, but it's in the trash now.

Hmmm.... Interesting idea, but I'm not sure that is applicable in my case. Instead of forming proper stitches, the bobbin thread is taut across the back of the fabric and you can see where the spool thread is looped over it (NB spool thread appears to be at the correct tension). That is indicative of too tight a bobbin tension. Incidentally, when I examined the stitches in more depth, the initial ones were OK, so the bobbin must have tightened as it went.

I did a swatch before I started to test the tension and ensure clean thread is running through it (the machine is now very oily). Afterwards, I tried a couple of different stitches on the swatch to see if this problem was stretch-stitch specific; frustratingly, it wasn't.

Congrats on getting your baby back! I couldn't imagine the withdrawals I'd go through if all my machines died.

I can't count the times when I thought "if only I had my sewing machine, I could do ....". Somehow, though, I muddled through 4 years without it. I hadn't had ideal sewing conditions for 3 years before then (bad light mainly), so I think I'd got out of the habit of actually doing stuff - wishing I could do it is another matter :o).

- Pam
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