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Subject:  Re: Discussing individual rights and libertarian Date:  6/30/2004  7:13 PM
Author:  JARandom Number:  9214 of 23810


As a libertarian, your stand on this issue will depend solely on the definition of a human life that the state is charge with protecting. I believe it's not a life until it escapes from the womb and takes a breath, but I sincerely respect those of you who have a different definition. It should be decided in the legislative branch, probably on a state level. I don't see a justification for Roe v. Wade in the U.S. Constitution.


Well, I really don't care about drug abusers, they can be left to their own fate. And it's none of my business to care, either. If they harm another, they will be punished, whether or not it is due to drug abuse.

Mental Illness

There is no epidemic of mentally ill people making life miserable for others. There are far more drug abusers that harm others than the mentally ill. We should not force drug treatment, and we should not force treatment of mentally ill. If members of either group harm someone, then they can be forced to undergo such treatment. (Note that this last statement may be contrary to the Libertarian platform, and I understand this).

Patriot Act

The Patriot Act is an abomination. It has the potential to do a *lot* of harm to society as a whole, and it has already done a lot of harm to individuals that are not deserving of such treatment.

*And thanks for indulging me, too.*


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