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Subject:  Re: Discussing individual rights and libertarian Date:  7/1/2004  12:02 PM
Author:  zsimpson Number:  9250 of 23810

My problem with abortion is where do we draw the line. To me, killing the child with its leg in the womb is murder, not a private matter. The problem has always been, how to define life.

When it looks like a fetus?
When it has brain activity (per JGII, ~15 weeks)?
When it starts to come out of the womb?
When the umbilical cord is cut?

I have long been of the belief that when the fetus's nerves can feel pain, it is a child, and that is how we should show measure whether or not an abortion is legal.
By the standards some RTL's want, every woman that has a miscarriage could be guilty of murder. By the same token, if you follow the logic of the PC crowd, an angry boyfriend can beat his girlfriend in the stomach to kill the baby two days before her due date, he cannot be charged with murder EVEN THOUGH THAT WAS PLAINLY THE INTENT.
I understand the PC crowd's attitude more than the RTL. The PC crowd is afraid that if we allow the g'ment to take away any of the right, the g'ment will find a way to erode it completely.
(BTW, this subject was one of the few that I've ever changed JGII's opinion)
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