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Subject:  Re: Discussing individual rights and libertarian Date:  7/1/2004  12:50 PM
Author:  conick Number:  9253 of 23810

If one applies basic facts of biology, one (libertarian, democrat, republican, naderite) HAS to admit that a fetus is a human life. Its not another species. Its not dead tissue or cells.

Using that argument, an appendix or tonsils would be considered human life as well. Neither are "dead tissue" but are routinely taken out. Eggs and sperm are also not dead tissue but are wasted as a fact of life.

A fetus is also a "potential" human being. A person has to ask themselves if a "potential" human has equal rights to a realized human. In my opinion, the mother's rights are more important than a potential human and a potential human becomes a real human when they can live outside the body without medical assistance.

I can understand why others see it the other way, but why force others to see it their way by passing laws banning abortion? Especially if you conclude there is indeed a "gray area" with rape, etc. You draw that line one place, someone else may draw it somewhere else.

(Ive been lurking for a few weeks.. great discussions (when I can keep up))
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