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Subject:  Re: Discussing individual rights and libertarian Date:  7/2/2004  8:30 PM
Author:  NoGoodReason Number:  9323 of 23810

My problem with abortion is where do we draw the line.

That's the WHOLE problem.


That's where the one extreme wants the line drawn.

When it starts to come out of the womb/When the umbilical cord is cut?

That's the other extremity.

Personally, I wish we as Americans could make some reasonable comprimise on this, and move on to other more important issues.

Personally, I think a majority of Americans would probably agree with you. In my view, BOTH extreme positions are wrong, but they get all the attention due to the nature of media and reporting. And neither extremity is willing to compromise, because they see any compromise as the first step toward the opposition gaining ultimate victory on the issue.

If you ask me, a fetus is a fetus (and abortable) up to that point at which it is sufficiently developed that its probability for survival outside the womb without medical intervention is >50%. (A Viable Life, if you will). After that, it should only be abortable due to special circumstances (late-term complications that threaten the mother's life, for example). Seems to me that's calling a fetus a fetus, and a baby a baby, with reason rather than individual ideology as the basis. I'm guessing that the line I've described would fall in the 5-6 month range, but I'm no expert. But the battle in a country founded on the concept of individual liberty should be about whether the line should be at 5 months or 7, and not about whether we are going to adhere to either extremist position. But the fringes will continue to drive the debate.

On a loosely related note, I also think that all sex before 18 years old should be outlawed on the basis that sex is among the most adult of all decisions with the potentially serious consequences.

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