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Subject:  Re: Martha Stewart True to Form Date:  7/24/2004  10:21 AM
Author:  TParadiso Number:  500 of 532

And the Hondas, the Standard Oils, the Microsofts, the Mercedes, and yes, even the MSOs ;-)

The doers who create wealth and capital empires are often the nastiest people you ever didn't want to meet. The are arrogant, dictatorial, amoral, and sometimes truly evil. But usually, in toto, society is better off for their existence and their labors, selfish though they may be. In seizing opportunity for themselves, they create opportunity for untold thousands.

If Martha is the woman we love to hate, we have to wonder why we love to hate at all.

Excellent perspective. Your observation that the powerful are a necessary evil is astute. But silly me, I'm naive enough to think we can have our cake and eat it too. I believe there are enough talented people that could accomplish the same goals without misusing their position. We need to alter the criteria we use to select our leadership. Barring that, if we took seriously our efforts to police those in positions of power, things would at least marginally improve.

As for our desire to love to hate. I don't relish in hating anyone. I would prefer Stewart and her colleagues would realize their obligation to society and behave correctly. Short of that, they earn my contempt.

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