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Subject:  Re: Stimulation and The Lack Thereof Date:  8/14/2004  9:56 AM
Author:  jiml8 Number:  8081 of 10593

Now the worry is, why don't we have a roaring economy and raging inflation (of course, inflation is already rampant in propterty taxes, property insurance, dental costs, and health care insurance)? It seems that business fears that an improving economy is not clearly sustainable? I've noticed some on these boards who even still worry more about deflation than inflation.

Because the tax cut stimulus has worked quite well. It has created a LOT of new jobs.

In India. And China.

Since the barriers are down (and due to technology, not law), we can't assume that the stimulus we provide will stimulate things here, unless that stimulus is targeted in a fashion that compels it (for economic, not legal, reasons) to stay here.

Whether the way the stimulus was applied was efficient has always been a question. That it has worked seems beyond dispute. That the jobs situation in this country continues to be - ummm - "less than good" is also beyond reasonable dispute. My area continues to lose jobs, as it has throughout the last 4 years.

So the stimulus was inefficient under any circumstances and the way it was targeted has created jobs half way around the world, but not here. Third world status, anyone?
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