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Subject:  This is just incredible! Date:  8/20/2004  3:18 PM
Author:  path40a Number:  378 of 1741

A very minor spoiler at the end of this post related to the preliminary rounds in track & field today ONLY

O.K., so I've already admitted being an Olympics "junkie" and have shared my "addiction" earlier here -

And, I've very much enjoyed this Olympics thus far as well. Even though I usually know all the results (I just can't help myself, I'm an internet "junkie" too;-) in advance, I still have been watching or taping NBC every night. I watch Bravo, USA, MSNBC, and NBC during the day as well.

The gymnastics and swimming have been terrific this year, if unprecedented wrt the results for team USA, and I've even seen some sports this summer games for the very first time. But let's face it, it ain't the Olympics without Track & Field (also known as Athletics;-)

Well, there's a story I just learned about today. I'm watching the women's 100m round 1 races and whom do I see racing? Merlene Ottey! That's right, the Bronze (medal) Queen formerly from Jamaica (she now runs for Slovenia due to her coach and a fallout with the Jamaican Olympic Committee at Sydney in 2000). She was born about 6 months before I was in 1960, meaning she's 44 years old! This is Merlene Ottey's SEVENTH Olympics! She's medaled in every Olympics she's competed in from 1980 to Sydney (in 2000, she was 40 years old, setting a record for the oldest female athletics competitor to medal) except 1988, Flo Jo's incredible domination year in Seoul.

You may think this is a charity case, that Slovenia is not an Athletics powerhouse and since Ottey wanted to run, things came together for them both. You'd be wrong! She's run an 11.09 in 100m THIS YEAR!

More to read at -

And, minor spoiler here, she's made it through the first two rounds in the women's 100m at these games already, which I believe means she's qualified for the semi-finals. I think 37 year old Gail Devers (who trains/lives here in Atlanta) is awesome too, but Merlene Ottey is incredible!
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