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Subject:  Commentators Date:  8/20/2004  4:37 PM
Author:  QASteph Number:  385 of 1776

I generally try to tune the commentators out, or at least filter which parts I pay attention to. But can I just say that I find Al Trautwig an absolutely horrifying commentator for gymnastics. It isn't like this is the first time he has ever had to cover gymnastics either. You think at some point he'd try to read up on the sport or learn something about it. He pretty much has the "fall - .5 deduction, step = .1 or .2" thing down, but that is almost all he knows. Last night I heard him talking about a performance on the beam and refer to it as both a bar routine and a floor performance (or something like that). That must have just been mis-speaking; he couldn't possibly be that confused. But other than that he is constantly saying things like "oh, that's bad, isn't it?" or "So does that mean her chances are over or can she recover?" and leaving Tim and Elfi to answer. Would it kill them to find someone with a passing familiarity with the sport to be the primary commentator? How can he do a play-by-play when he doesn't even know the names of the skills. He just sounds stupid. Not that former gymnasts always sound all that great - parts of the commentary are just annoying no matter who says them (like the fifth or sixth time they pull out Belu's quote about teaching his gymnasts how to work hard, then compete, then win) - but at least they know what they are talking about.
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