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Subject:  Re: Do NOT apply for a Capital One credit card!! Date:  8/26/2004  8:11 PM
Author:  Windowseat Number:  188961 of 312300

Which makes me wonder how do you know it is not affecting you? Did you know what your score was before you carried a balance on your Cap One for the first time?

The last time I checked my score was in 2001. I'd had the Cap One card for a couple of years at that point.

My score was 821.

The book I mentioned said so

I have a bridge for you to buy. You'll love it. Great view of Brooklyn.

I've been religiously checking my Equifax credit report monthly for the past year or so. Last month when my Cap One was at zero and my other cards around $800 I was under 20% debt ratio. I know this because Equifax's Credit Expert service has a scale that tells me at what ratio I am at. This month, all my other cards are at zero and my Cap One is at $90, and yet that same Equifax scale shows that I am over 50% ratio! The only balance that went up from last month is my Cap One. $90 of $500 is NOT over 50% ratio. But $90 of $151 is 60% ratio. So not only does the math adds up, but also Equifax itself is telling me that I am maxed out (or over 50% ratio, the highest level on the scale).

Did you bother looking at Trans Union or Experian?

If you have credit limits on several cards then the Equifax computer system is screwed up. It's supposed to add together ALL your credit limits, then add ALL your debts, then calculate the ratio. That's what the score is about. Your total credit limit compared to your total debt.

If it's only running one card, then they need a new person to program their computer.

You need to discuss this with Equifax. Not Cap One.

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