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Subject:  Fuskie Vs. The Blue Devil, Act II Date:  9/7/2004  12:11 AM
Author:  Fuskie Number:  189369 of 312293

I thought the beast dead, but it hath arisen to torment your white knight once again. A brief history of the skirmishes in question. A year ago I received a letter from Blockbuster Video in Tampa FL that I had an overdue video. I called the store and explained to them I did not have a Blockbuster membership in Tampa, had never spent more than 4 hours in Tampa, and not in the last 5 years at that. They said our mistake and that was it.

Or so I thought. Last May I noticed a credit card charge on my Amex Blue from a Blockbuster in Tampa. I called Blockbuster, they had no record of such an attack and counter thrust that they could not verify if they had, in fact, charged my credit card. I whipped out my trusty sword of truth and filed a dispute with Amex Blue. After 6-8 weeks, I was victorious. Or so I thought.

Protecting my realm as is my custom and responsibility, I was looking at the latest charges on my Amex Blue when I noticed that BlockBuster Tampa had risen from the ashes and was once again mounting an attack. Perhaps it thought it might catch me unawares but no, I have seen it and I am prepared to respond. Amex Blue requires me to wait until the close of my statement period to throw my lance, but I am thinking more drastic measures may be necesary.

But as to what those measures may be, I feel a need to turn to my trusted council, the Fools of the Round Table.

I am thinking thinking this demon to be so resiliant I may need to change change plastic shields and have Amex Blue reissue under a new number. But I have other monthly tributes that share this card and it would be a hassle to retrain them to the new shield frequency.

I am thinking it might also be appropriate to approach the heart of the demon to see if there was any corporate humanity beating softly behind the tough outer scales, and if the pen truly be more mightieth than the sword, a letter to Blockbuster CEO John Antioco may be a more prudent course of action.

What dost though Foolish wizards think?

Who wants to slay the Blue Demon once and for all...
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