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Subject:  Where's my flu shot, John Edwards? Date:  10/16/2004  11:19 PM
Author:  fleg9bo Number:  195079 of 878183

JOHN KERRY wasted no time jumping on President George Bush about the unexpected shortage in flu vaccines this year. Why wasn't Bush paying attention? He should have done things differently. And of course Kerry had a "plan" to solve the whole mess.

If Kerry thinks he can solve the flu vaccine problem, he need look no further than his own running mate, trial lawyer John Edwards. Vaccines are the one area of medicine where trial lawyers are almost completely responsible for the problem. No one can plausibly point a finger at insurance companies, drug companies, or doctors. Lawyers have won the vaccine game so completely that nobody wants to play.

Sad but true. 100% of our flu vaccines come from two European companies because trial lawyers drove the US producers out of that business.

The rest of the article explains how that came to be. Part of it is the simple fact that when you supply a product to millions of people, a few are bound to have an adverse reaction and suffer harm. You can't make a vaccine (or anything else) that is 100% safe. But with lawyers run amok, that .000001% who are harmed can shut down production for everyone else.

There are a bunch of lawsuits pending over the claim that vaccines caused autism in some kids. This is junk science at its best but some innocent companies are going to get hurt big-time over it.

So if you have fever, aching joints, runny nose and feel awful all over, take two aspirin and call John Edwards in the morning.

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