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Subject:  Re: It´s the military´s fault? Date:  10/28/2004  11:28 AM
Author:  Commodore64 Number:  22422 of 38770

You are correct.

Technically, soldiers aren't supposed to say anything bad about the CINC, but we all know it happens every day. (and "idiot" is NOTHING compared to some of the choice words I have heard from officers and NCOs referring to the present and former CINCs).

Come to think of it, I probably said FAR worse about Clinton in the early years of his administration. That was before the economy and the stock market took off- its hard to curse the President when things are going well. Who knows, if Bush ever gets his sh*t together, my support for him will go up as well. If you go back to 2000-2001, you will find the overwhelming majority of my posts about Bush were positive- but as he began to prove his incompetence, my tone changed. Hmm, maybe I shouldn't have called him an idiot- perhaps "incompetent" is a better word...

Technically, we aren't supposed to swear either, but I confess, I sometimes do.

I'll work on fixing both flaws (after I finish flogging myself, of course). With luck I will become perfect like the CINC who never makes a mistake (or at least never admits it), lol

Here's an interesting point of discussion for military scholars: If the President is, in fact, an idiot*, is it okay for a soldier to refer to him as such?


* I'm not saying he is, of course, I'm just throwing it out for discussion :)
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