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Subject:  Reposted: A father decides who to vote for Date:  10/31/2004  10:30 PM
Author:  luv2earn Number:  627496 of 2367985

This is reposted without a negative term used by the poster:

I hadn't seen it and reported myself for posting it: $;) Hopefully, TMF will remove the first post.


A poster from a non TMF board finally decides:

Aside from medical marijuana, gun control, and stem-cell research I'm pretty GOP in my thinking. As a physician I'm pretty anti tort lawyers like Edwards. And I despise hypocritical liberals like Kennedy and Hillary in their attempts to impose socialized medicine - a big mistake for Americans IMO.

I believe Bush did a great job responding to 9/11. He was right to oust the Taliban. I believe he had good intentions in invading Iraq and I understand his reasoning to do so given the 9/11 mind set. He is obviously a better choice to fight the war on terror.

But Bush has seriously botched the Iraq aftermath and didn't listen to Military advice on the reconstruction of Iraq. He hasn't disciplined Rumsfeld. He hasn't kicked Cheney off the ticket either (Cheney adds nothing to the GOP IMO).

So --- despite how much I believe in GOP values as best for the USA. I won't be voting for Bush. I'll most likely vote for Kerry. I hate liberals and I detest trial lawyers.

So - why am I voting for Kerry? A selfish reason. I have a 15 year old son. In the end, I love him more than I hate liberalism and the vanguard of the Democratic party. I think Kerry has a better chance to extract us from Iraq than Bush. I think Kerry gives us a better chance at telling the Saudis to take a hike after we're independent of Saudi Oil.

Maybe I'm delusional. But that's basically it. I love my son more than my own life.

He's already been told there will be a draft under Kerry by other posters; this is his decision.

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