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Subject:  Re: GREAT LIBERAL POST..WOW Date:  11/1/2004  10:32 AM
Author:  JEDIKNIGHT Number:  627854 of 2381073


Im glad you support Kerry's compromises on NAFTA, GATT, WTO.

Im glad you support him pitting American workers against lower wages abroad, and I agree...KERRY is your man if you support that.

Im also glad that you and Kerry not only support destroying middle class wages with these policies, but then you won't let their kids get a school voucher for a private school so maybe, just maybe that kid can climb out of the middle class blues. But NO, like crabs in a bucket you Liberals will pull them down right before he gets out of the bucket.

While I really want Bush to win and while it would be painful to see the streets of Paris, or the terrorists celebrating, IM cool with a Kerry win now also. Let Kerry bury the middle class. Sure he will tax the rich, but the INCREASE of labor supply due to more displaced middle class workers will MORE than make up for the tax hike. Also, it will be fun to watch faithful Democrat voters 'adjust' to new realities.

Dont blame me. By support Kerry you support these policies.

Gas at $3.00 Mortgage rates up. More immigrants. More outsourcing.

Bring it on Senator Kerry.

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