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Subject:  Re: Paul Has Been Suspended Date:  11/1/2004  1:29 PM
Author:  ghdude Number:  628088 of 2304552

So all those big guys at Hebrew University are deluded, as well?

If you believe the Torah literally, then yes, all Asiatics are descendents of Shem. Since you and I are reasonable people, I think we can agree that this is probably not the case.

Very weak. You're talking about a very late phase; it is common knowledge that Semites as well as non-Semitic proselytes adapted a German dialect in the middle ages. I don't know why I'm even answering to this.

That's exactly my point.

That you believe that there is not a common ancestry for the Israelites, the Arabs, the Assyrians and the Aramaic people among others is astonishing and contradicts everything the scholarly community agrees upon. Maybe you might want to write a book:-)

They share cultural ties. Each was conquered by the other, assimilated and regurgitated. The one thing we can really know is based on genetics. Genetically, Jews are more closely related to Greeks than to most other Arabs and Egyptians. Culturally, you are correct (and of course, very little of this matters anyway.) Hebrew evolved into Aramaic (or at least shared some common denominator) and somehow it evolved into Arabic. It's really quite amazing how similar they are.

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