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Subject:  Re: Paul Has Been Suspended Date:  11/1/2004  2:11 PM
Author:  MrCheeryO Number:  628145 of 2304200

luv2earn is anti-semantic.

Not one rec for that bit of wit until mine? Everyone shot their wad already?

Sartre pretty much nailed it long ago. If that don't look familiar you ain't paying attention, imo.

Thus, antisemitism is primarily Manicheanism; it explains the course of the world by the struggles between the principles of Good and Evil. There is no concievable truce between these two principles: one of them of neccesity must triumph and the other be destroyed."..........He chooses finally, that good be ready-made, not in question, out of reach; he dare not look at it for fear of being forced to contest it and seek another form of it. The Jew is only a pretext: elsewhere it will be the Negro, the yellow race; the Jew's existence simply allows the antisemite to nip his anxieties in the bud by persuading himself that his place has always been cut out in the world, that it was waiting for him and that by virtue of tradition he has the right to occupy it. Antisemitism, in a word, is fear of man's fate. The antisemite is the man who wants to be pitiless stone, furious torrent, devastating lightning; in short, everything but a man.",,0_0452009308,00.html

As Flynn (1984:52) notes, "Sartre's descriptions move[d] beyond individual psychology to the social field and to what in an important insight he calls the 'bases and structures' of choice." In the analysis of the Anti-Semite and Jew, the oppositional relations of race then take on the existentialist dynamics already outlined in Being and Nothingness. What is remarkable in these texts is that Sartre sees racism as the social level of human psychology, born of fear of the human condition, a form of bad faith. If the Jew did not exist for the anti-Semite, he would invent him, for his fellow racist finds his own escape in the hatred for the Negro.

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