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Subject:  Re: Paul Has Been Suspended Date:  11/1/2004  5:53 PM
Author:  davidMN Number:  628435 of 2304830

Until now, it was thought that there was no genetic similarities between Jews and Arabs. Turns out Palestinians are somewhat unique, at least genetically, amongst other Arab groups.

Surprisingly, several studies a closer genetic affinity by Jews to the non-Jewish, non-Arab populations in the northern part of the Middle East than to Arabs. Maybe the old stories about Abraham being from Ur (in the northern part of Mesopotamia, like Kurds and Armenians--two populations Jewish people share some genetic markers with) have a good smidgeon of truth.

Probably a portion of Palestinian and Israeli Arabs are descended from the original population of the Levant, but also a good chunk are descended from Arabs coming out of the Arabian peninsula, who apparently have several different genetic markers. Since Jews (who did not convert to Islam) didn't intermarry with peninsular Arabs as much as Islamicized Levantine "neo"-Arabs (since they soon began speaking Arabic, I'll count them as culturally "Arab"), it would make sense that Jews retain some of the "original" Levantine signature genetic markers, while the Arabs would be less obviously "different."

Just a fun fact.

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