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Subject:  Re: I offer a second nomination Date:  11/15/2004  3:10 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  1779 of 4296

I was standing in line at the convenience store yesterday, and... No, wait! I am not making this up. I really was standing in line at the convenience store yesterday. Is that so hard to believe?


No, not at all. Due to a staggering set of similar circumstance I too was standing in a lineup yesterday at the liquor store holding a case of 24 Kokanees and in the line ahead of me was a woman with six kids all dressed in rags as she bought a bottle of Mum's champagne for which she paid scrabbling at the bottom of her purse for needed pennies.

I too thought of SPL241 and, as luck would have it, I glanced out into the parking lot and saw a car with a tag: MICHAELR and I knew intuitively it was mine. Her car, parked next to mine, had the license plate: ONWELFARE. Parked next to this was another with the tag: ONWELFARE2. Sitting in it was a man, I presume her husband, drinking something from a brown-paper bag while scratching lottery tickets.

At this point one of the children whined 'Feste Award'. I am sure he said that because he was the only child without a bag of potato chips or Slurpee in his/her hands. Then again it could be he said, “**** Ward,” since another child could have been called Ward yet I like to think the child had some smarts even though the six were all on sugar highs.

They left and it was my turn. I was greeted by, “Well, what the hell do you want?” and I knew I had to spread some joy so I shot her and felt satisfied I had reduced impoliteness by a small factor.

As I carried my beer into the parking lot I knew it was a SPL241 day: my car was gone and all left was a pile of potato chip bags, empty Slurpee cups, a brown-paper bag, and what looked like $100-worth of failed lottery tickets.

So, gh, I agree with your choice of SPL241 for The Feste Award.


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