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Subject:  Mishedlo's Nomination Date:  11/29/2004  7:48 PM
Author:  RodgerRafter Number:  1848 of 4296

The Fool says they'd "like to bestow The Feste Award on one member of the community who best exemplifies our mission of Learning Together." I'm glad to help them accomplish that goal, so I'll nominate the guy who is most dedicated to the concept of learning together: Mishedlo.

Many fool members may know Mish for his passionate politically motivated posts, but that is not the basis for this nomination. I am nominating him because of his tireless efforts in creating valuable content for the Mishedlo board, which I (among many) believe is the single most important source of economic information on the Motley Fool website.

To quote Mish: "The board is about the sharing and discussing of ideas, primarily macro in nature as of late, but not necessarily. It is a place where anyone can ask anything about stocks, the economy, commodities, or even foreign bonds and get a nice range of good thoughtful answers. We have people from the US, Australia, Holland, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Canada, and the UK all willing to help as they can. We have doctors, lawyers, opera singers, salesman, teachers, computer programmers, ex-computer programmers, real estate professionals, traders, and god knows what else all chipping in. The diversity and willingness to share and discuss ideas prevents the trap of "group think" that individual stock boards often have."

What draws those people and their valuable contributions to the board, however, is Mish's own contributions. He spends countless hours every day scouring other websites, economic reports, news sources and discussion forums, and posts summaries or links whenever he finds something of value to the group. He does this because he enjoys learning and has found that when people learn together, they can learn more and faster than when they try to learn on their own.

On a typical day he may post 20 to 50 times to the Mish board:
Each topic is of value, but the recommendations of users help people who are short on time find the most important links.

Some of his links are more serious and reptutable:
(The weak dollar – causes and consequences)

While some are more humerous, but valuable in their own way:
(Mogambo Guru)

While he rarely has much time for summarizing issues, and instead leaves that to others on the Mish board, he does still take time when appropriate to share what he has learned by adding his own comments alongside clips from another post:
(pension scandals)

If voters for the Feste award ask themselves honestly which candidate is doing the most to help Fool members "learn together", then the answer is easy: Mishedlo.
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