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Subject:  Re: Mishedlo's Nomination Date:  11/30/2004  5:15 PM
Author:  jiml8 Number:  1877 of 4296

Here some tasty excerpts from jiml8:

I don't understand.

Why did you pick these "tasty excerpts" when - at this very moment - I have three exactly similar "tasty excerpts" present on the "Best Of" list?

Here. Let me help you.

This one.

And this one.

And this one.

Now, let us compare how these "tasty excerpts" are different than those of Mish.

Each and every one of those posts of mine that you have linked - and each of these that I have linked for you - share a common theme. They are direct criticisms of individuals for specific reasons, and all of those reasons were contained in the posts to which I was responding.

And, actually, every post you linked - and the posts I linked - were criticizing the exact same behavior - that behavior being the illogical ranting and foaming at the mouth, and red-faced screaming that so very many people were engaging in (and some are still doing it).

Mish is one of the loudest of the red-faced screamers. LoonInSpace showed up on PA, and immediately became red-faced, and started screaming. I dismasted Loon - and the posts you linked show me doing it (although some of the better ones got pulled *sigh*) and now I am dismasting Mish for the exact same thing. Mish has made it easy; he led with his chin in this post:

In the past, I have torn into other prominent posters for the same behavior. In the future I will again. Discussion and debate cannot take place in the presence of the red-faced screamers. If they insist on screaming, then they need to be taken down.

If you wish to criticize my posts, by all means do so. But you will find exactly zero posts by me that paint everyone with whom I disagree with a broad brush - except for a few clearly sarcastic posts. And, if you wish to criticize my posts, you really should try to pick some that don't reinforce my basic point.

In my not at all humble opinion, anyone who foams and froths at the mouth, and gets so red-faced, and screams so loudly, and displays such irrationality and emotionalism, should not be qualified for an award as an individual who epitomizes the best the Fool can provide.
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