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Subject:  colossal problems with Calypso Date:  12/4/2004  5:11 PM
Author:  HOGridin Number:  165 of 190

Seems all is not well with innovative laundry technology from Whirlpool
Laundry, it appears, has suddenly become controversial, and the Maytag settlement was not the only litigious news we found. Due to a large amount of consumer mail complaining about the Kenmore Calypso's problems with lint, Consumer Reports ran a new test this year. Editors washed a load of white towels and black T-shirts to test four competing models for lint left behind on the clean wet clothing. Editors say they are considering testing all washers for lint in the future. The limited test here does not appear to have been a factor in Consumer Reports' overall ratings. Some models, which performed poorly in the lint test, still top the ratings chart.

The Calypso has a unique agitating technology. Instead of twisting clothes around, it bounces them up and down and showers them with water. One owner wrote to us about a lengthy ordeal involving four repair visits. Repair issues with the Kenmore Calypso (also sold as the Whirlpool Calypso) are born out in over 150 postings in's appliance forum as well as on Epinions. Owners report clothing working its way below the basket (one user reports a handkerchief made it all the way to the sump pump), and others have problems with electronic error messages and clothing that comes out too wet or lint-covered.

A Class Action Law Suit has been filed against Whirlpool and Sears (Kenmore) for their defective "Calypso Washing Machine" which was sold under both the "Whirlpool Calypso" and "Kenmore Elite Calypso" brand names.

According to allegations in the complaint, the Kenmore Elite Calypso and Whirlpool Calypso washing machines are prone to mechanical and electronic problems, including premature U-Joint failure, do not properly wash clothes, cause staining and streaking on clothes and have problems with mold, causing the machines and the clothes washed to smell of mildew.

If you own a Whirlpool Calypso or Sears (Kenmore) Calypso Washing Machine, and have had problems, you are not alone. Here are excerpts from numerous internet posts about problems with the Whirlpool Calypso / Kenmore Calypso:

"Washing is a nightmare...I did everything by the book and still gray, dingy whites with spots. Sears is very much aware of this defective product"

"Greetings to fellow victims. Here are a few tips I learned owning the infamous Calypso Washer. . ." (Whirlpool Calypso) (Whirlpool Calypso) (Kenmore Calypso) (Kenmore Calypso)

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