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Subject:  Re: morality Date:  1/1/2005  5:57 PM
Author:  GunnarSK Number:  4577 of 27171

I think what's even more problematic for the atheistic/evolutionary point of view regarding morality is that most of it is in our consciences, but not in our practice. In other words, humans virtually unanimously have ways we know we should act, yet none of us even comes close to living up to the standard. Natural selection could only work on the behavior, not on unpracticed concepts in our heads. On this issue, the Christian idea that the law in our conscience is put their by God, and our failure to live up to it is due to the Fall makes far more sense...if one does not have the over-riding bias that God could not exist.

The conflict is not really between morality/conscience and actual behaviour; it is a much more transparent conflict between the interest of a larger community (the tribe, nation, alliance, ultimately humanity) and the individual or closer group (family, friends, close colleages or brothers in arms). In almost any case of conflict of interest, the interest of the closer group takes preference, unless a blatant transgression of the "moral" obligation gives only a marginal benefit to the family etc.

Both the general rule of following the laws (of morality, religion, reason, conscience or simply codified laws) and egoism or preferential treatment of the closest family and friends, generally serve the purpose of survival; in the particular situation an individual has to make his choice which will often later be deemed wrong, especially when judged by anyone else than the beneficiaries.

So without ruling out the existence of God, he is not necessary to establish the rules set up in what we call our conscience; those are also rules of importance to survival, although they may sometimes be contrary to the self-interest of the individual.

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