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Subject:  Re: Milestone days until Feste announcement Date:  2/3/2005  4:31 PM
Author:  MichaelRead Number:  2136 of 4296

As for your comments about Robbie, go watch Forbidden Planet again. His subtle use of nuance, sarcasm, and hyperbole totally outclassed Leslie Nielsen (another Canadian treasure), who oddly played his part straight. I guess he knew he couldn't compete. As for his drinking problem, I blame it on the Krell.

[Note: We have just been informed by his agent that his name is actually spelled "Robby", and we apologize for any confusion.]


I believe that Robby altered his name to Robbie to show more of his feminine side (not that there's anything wrong with that) following EST training from Werner Erhardt who himself took this to yet another step and became Susan Lucci.

Oh, sure, blame the Krell, why not. They got blamed for everything else. Yet it was Robby that chose to hoist canned 10w40 (best thing since sliced silicon) and went downhill to where his is now: knocking back synthetics. He's now on the GMC 12-Step Program where he's realizing there is a higher power: Mr. Goodwrench.

I have a copy of Forbidden Planet on laserdisc. A dated technology but still suitable for Robby who, let's face it, is also a dated technology and that's why he's hanging around garages looking for spare change and offering to drain the dregs from oil changes.

Sad, isn't it? Once cutting edge and then replaced by a GE toaster. Jack Elam, a fine actor, said there are four stages in an actor's life; 'Who is Jack Elam?'; 'Get me Jack Elam'; 'Get me someone like Jack Elam'; and 'Who is Jack Elam?” Now it's at the latter stage: 'Who is Robby the Robot?” Many reading this thread, Richard, haven't the slightest idea who Robby is. As I said, sad.

I was in the kitchen last night, holding a colander, and I said, “Alas, poor Robbie, I knew thee well.” At that point Elly locked the bar fridge but my point was made: Sic transic Robby.


I realize we are getting closer to announcing The Feste Award winner but can you hurry it up a bit: I am running out of Robby jokes and I'm falling back on old stuff such as Robby's exterior fascia is made of old Coca Cola signs.

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