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Subject:  Re: Next! Date:  2/3/2005  6:55 PM
Author:  YewGuise Number:  6209 of 16200

...I just could not work all they wanted me to, and they were unhappy with me changing my hours. I thought it might be me ranting, but that was not brought up...

Well, you could go back and give them a 2nd chance!
"I thought about what you said, and I'm sorry for the miscommunication. I understood you would work around my school schedule, and I guess I thought that meant you had more flexibility than you really did. So can we talk? I'll try to work with you here on the scheduling thing. I've put in some time for training that I'd hate to see go to waste, and you all are very busy and need help, so I think we can work something out."

Of course, it may very well have been your ranting (you didn't really say "never never never" to them, did you? that was just venting on the boards, wasn't it?), and they're just using scheduling as an excuse. But at this point you have nothing to lose by doing a bit of groveling. So give it a shot.

Work nights if need be. You do need that $50.

...The job does not come first. School does...

Why? You're going to school so you can get a job, right? You already had a job. If you were 16 years old, school would come first. At this time of your life, a job comes first.

Plus, if you think you'll handle a job better with some schooling under your belt, you're mistaken. Your difficulties at work are not due to lack of education.

Apologies for my bad manners in criticizing a hostess on her own board, but boy I wish I could reach through the modem and smack you upside the head.

(not as good at tongue-biting as Fuskie)
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