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Subject:  Re: Retirement Sob Story Date:  2/9/2005  4:46 PM
Author:  Ceberon Number:  44442 of 97891

My guess is that he was too tech-heavy, trying to make the "big kill." It is sad, but the REALLY SAD part is that there are MANY, MANY more like this guy.

Well, there is something to keep in mind about the Tech boom and how "stupid" people invested in tech stocks. We can say (with that perfect hindsight) that it makes no sense for people to think that these tech companies could rule the world so completely as it seemed in 98-99ish. We say that so few of these companies had business plans, how could we dream of investing in them?

Us as a computer college students in 98ish:

Some had webpages setup to track where on campus they were at any point in time. Some e-mail addresses were setup to respond with contact information (IE, head over to room 403, I'm in chemistry class right now). People had their loft steps automatically descend when it was time for them to head to class. There were online libraries of CD's that students had, so you knew who to go mooch from. When I would log onto any computer in the school, my list of settings would pop up, it would automatically warn me when it was time to head to class, would let me know where in the school all my friends were, etc.

I can't begin to list the amazing things that people were doing with their computers, and it was hard for tech people to separate reality from their "tech" lives. For instance, my family was surprised to learn that my wife and I keep our computers in our kitchen on the kitchen table. I explained that we're on the computers while we cook and eat, so we may as well keep them there.

We tech / young people live in different worlds than a lot of the country.

So I would hate to call people idiots for being excited about the tech revolution. I'd just say we come from very different backgrounds.
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