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Subject:  IRA Account, Fund question Date:  2/16/2005  6:51 PM
Author:  HyperSpud Number:  44664 of 96813

Dont know if Im really posting this in the right forum. If not, please recommend the correct forum for posting.

Here goes....

In my IRA account, the fund (putnam new opps) was started in 96 and was orginally a Traditional IRA, converted over to a Roth in 98.
In 2004 I went to put more money into this acct, when I received my statement, there are two seperate entries for the same fund. The orginal amount in the orginal entry and the new dollars for the newer entry.
Calling my broker, he had said that it was because putnam policy is if a fund was converted over to a roth, any new contributions was not allowed to be put in the same fund, a new fund is created even though its held in the same account. Thus the reason for having two Entries (for the same fund)in the same account on the statement.

Is this correct procedure?

Something else that i cant figure out is that all my funds have very similar acct# give or take a few digits here and there. The New fund in 04, the account# is not even close to looking like the others..
Does this sound like its correct procedure?? and im just paranoid....Asking for some guidence on this issue, I know that putnam was involved with some broker/trading issues, a while back. Would appreciate some feed back on this.

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