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Subject:  Re: Dean is DNC Chair Date:  2/17/2005  2:16 PM
Author:  verdure Number:  725 of 731


You are exactly right. The Churchill example is a good example of the 'restoration' of a public figure. Dispite what people thought of Winston's past, he had a public forum to consistently present an alternative view. Which is why Dean as DNC chair now has an opportunity that Gore, Gephart, Clark, Kerry ... et al. do not have.

And time has a way of sorting out the truth but the Democrats also need to 'positively' present their views to the American people.

But Pelosi's reaction to Dean's election was interesting. I'm paraphrasing poorly, but she said something like, "Well, now that Gov. Dean is the DNC chair he is going to have to learn to listen to us leaders here in Congress."

Reading between the lines I'd say that she is saying that "we don't have a real winning strategy to energize the American people but we don't want a @#$%^ populist from Vermont messing with our comfortable power structure.

So the interesting question is, "How much public face time will the Gov. get, and how will he handle the dance between reporters asking him his views and the administrative responcibilities of herding the Democratic 'cats' in Congress.

What he needs is two good advisors like us!

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