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Subject:  Re: Seasonal Allergies Date:  3/10/2005  8:05 PM
Author:  sheila727 Number:  1092 of 4508

I've gotten excellent results from cromolyn sodium which is found in Nasalcrom nasal spray, among others.

Do your symptoms include itchy burning eyes, and itchy nose and skin? I use cromolyn sodium for my asthma (prescription, not OTC, in this case) and it does nothing for anything except my airways--and for that, it's fabulous.

The nasal spray used to be by prescription, but there was a long period when it wasn't available at all--and that's when I could have used it for the rhinitis that began during hayfever season but eventually became year-round. So....I was given a nasal steroid for that--and I had very mixed feelings about it.

That's when I discovered the permanent benefits of acupuncture. It put an end to all the miseries going on inside my nose, and improved the hayfever itch. It also radically dramatically improved my hayfever, and my asthma--which used to get a lot worse during hayfever time. Did far more than allergy shots ever did.

Acupuncture enabled me to spend my hayfever months as a normal human being and practically antihistamine-free. I used to be a mess despite antihistamine, upped asthma meds, etc.--just less of a mess than without all of that. It was truly wonderful till 9/11 and breathing Ground Zero air for much of the time till well into November. Asthma and allergies took a major dive. I'd say it's about 80% back to my post-acupuncture normal, and I hope to get back that last 20%.

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