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Subject:  Re: Religionists miss the scale of things Date:  3/11/2005  12:04 PM
Author:  dlbuffy Number:  143405 of 533728

WOW! Excellent post.

My thought at the OP's post was a little less...well scientific. But it is the same comment of his that gave me pause.

The encyclopedia.

His implication that the encyclopedia contains everything 'knowable' is supreme hubris. In fact, as your example of vastness points out, our encyclopedia is laughable in its incompleteness. There is barley anything in them compared to the Universe, or even compared to what could be known about the oceans.

The encyclopedia is limited to the knowledge that humankind has written down. There is so much information that we have lost, don't know, may never know.
His comparison is like saying since I know how lighbulb works, I know how the stars shine.

Once again, totally messed up logic, but people swallow it without question.

Buffy (who thinks this dude needs to get a clue and come back...)
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