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Subject:  Re: Religionists miss the scale of things Date:  3/11/2005  5:12 PM
Author:  Kazim Number:  143491 of 521017

My reply: British philosopher Anthony Flew said, "it is impossible for evolution to account for the fact that one single cell can carry more data than all the volumes of the encyclopedia Britannica put together."

Ed is obviously impressed with this rhetoric. The encyclopedia is, that must be a lot of data in a tiny space, how could it possibly be?

Creationists are easily impressed by big numbers, because for the most part, they don't understand math.

I once observed on the CvE board that it's never enough for a creationist to write a big number in scientific notation, they always have to write some fanciful description of it.

Why, if you stacked that many zeroes on top of each other, they'd go all the way to the moon!

One creationist I recall actually took the time to write out some large number of zeroes, irritating the crap out of me as it screwed up my browser and made the rest of the post pretty much unreadable.

It's like they're all aspiring comedians. "Boy I tell ya, that number was big." "HOW big was it?" "It was SO BIG, that..."

To somebody who is not innumerate, saying "The number is 10^500" is exactly as informative as saying "imagine writing 500 zeroes down on a piece of paper" and much more informative than some idiotic remark like, "That amount of information would fill a whole bunch of encyclopedias!"
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