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Subject:  Re: Religionists miss the scale of things Date:  3/12/2005  8:32 PM
Author:  jwiest Number:  143618 of 519611

First of all unless you direct your comments to me, i generally won't read it.

That wasn't my primary motivation. Your comment was a catalyst for something else I'd been meaning to write.

So i will direct you to a master mathematician who concluded that the best mathematical decision he ever made was coming to Christ. They named the computer language after him...Pascal, so as a programmer you might appreciate his intelligence since you obviously disrespect mine.

This is meaningless to me. Just because a smart guy decided to give in to irrationality doesn't make him any less irrational. A lot of programmers I know are brilliant but socially inept. I trust them with programming, but not in other spheres of life.

The first quote I saw turned me off:

Or, First part: That nature is corrupt. Proved by nature itself.

Second part: That there is a Redeemer. Proved by Scripture.

This is bung in so many ways I barely know where to begin.

First, your link is to some guy living in the 1600's. He may have been a brilliant mathematician, but he also, like everyone else in his day, still had an extremely limited view of the world and its contents, and the universe and its scope. So why his necessarily ignorant views on metaphysics would be appealing is beyond me.

Nature is corrupt: only from the standard European view of nature as something that needed to be tamed and conquered. Historically people in this time period viewed nature as hostile, a source of pestilence and fear. Only tamed land could be farmed, and the minute the sheep wandered into the woods, there were the wolves a-waiting. So it's not surprising he would have this view.

Actually it seems most religionists are still locked into this world view of nature as hostile. Why else would they worship the creator in a man made building, rather than getting out in his creation? They haven't come around yet to the fascinations of ecology and the fantastic and intricate web of life that surrounds and sustains us, and how order can arise from myriad random actions by the host of its participants. Or if they have, they do like you: throw up their hands at the incredible complexity and say "Holy moly, God did it!"

Proven by Scripture: do I need to say anything about this that hasn't been said? Only those desperate to believe something will find the circular logic of "scripture is true because it says so" appealing. That Pascal uses this at all completely discredits him, IMO.

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