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Subject:  Re: Religionists miss the scale of things Date:  3/13/2005  10:17 AM
Author:  madmikeyd Number:  143635 of 519728

<Ed's primary problem, Loren -- and that of most theists -- is that they lack even the most rudimentary exposure to or understanding of the very disciplines you enumerate. They are, to all intents and purposes, living at the time of Newton and, if they have any tentative ideas about science, they are pretty much limited to Newton's Laws. Most theists have never taken a class in formal logic. Most theists have no grounding in advanced mathematics. Few, I would guess, even took chemistry in high school and have only the shallowest understanding of the scientific realm as it existed in the 17th century, much less today.>

As a theist who took college coursework up through Organic Chemistry, Modern Physics, and Linear Algebra, I am one of the exceptions that proves the rule - and your comments make me feel a bit lonely! This begs a wider question, especially when one considers both that since theists are a majority in this country, they will naturally represent the general educational level of the country, and that only a small sliver of even college-educated people have the level of grounding in modern science and mathematics that I possess.

Is there any statistical, as opposed to anecdotal, evidence of a correlation between educational level and belief or lack of belief in a deity/deities?

[My immediate family possesses 5 Bachelors degrees (3 in hard sciences, 1 in engineering), 3 Masters degrees (2 in hard sciences, 1 in engineering), and 2 Ph.D.s (1 in a hard science), and we are all theists, so, ANECDOTALLY, I have not witnessed a correllation between higher educational level and a shift towards atheism.]

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