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Subject:  Re: Religionists miss the scale of things Date:  3/14/2005  1:02 AM
Author:  schickbrithouse Number:  143695 of 519961

Well, that's sort of exactly the point of the article, that they believe there is periodicity to the extinctions. You can laugh at that if you like, but then we know there is periodicity to sun spots, to the change of the magnetic poles from North to South and back again, and other natural phenomena. We know that our solar system revolves in a wingtip of a greater galaxy and that there is periodicity to making that revolution, that even galaxies move through space, that there are comet showers which return on predictable timetables, and so on.

Boy, have you got me underestimated. I was making fun of the person who posted the link, not the article. The periodicity mentioned in the article is not absolute, but has some variability to it. Saying that we're 3 million years overdue is kinda ridiculous unless one thinks that the 62 million years is dead accurate rather than an average. So why are you lecturing me on periodicity when you're not telling me anything I don't already know? Oh, I know. You weren't aware I was an astronomy buff back way back when.

Oh yeah, I had algebra, plane and solid geometry, trig, differential and integral calculus, advanced chemistry and physics, also in high school. I also became a programmer.

I'm sure she wasn't claiming every single atheist is a Ph.D. nor that every theist is completely uneducated. Take yourself, for instance, as you seem proud to do. I'm sure in that case she was just judging from the ignorance of your writing

For someone who knows me not at all, you sure seem hell bent on a rush to judgment. Oh wait a minute. Not knowing. That's ignorance, isn't it?


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