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Subject:  Re: Religionists miss the scale of things Date:  3/14/2005  9:46 AM
Author:  zim14 Number:  143724 of 518527

"DNA is a vastly more complex structure than human bones, but for example purposes this will work. Both the bones and our DNA must be assembled together in a perfectly integrated whole. There are approximately 206 bones in the human body, and let us keep it simple and go for general positioning of the bones in our equation. We will ignore whether the bone is facing the right way or not. Instead focusing on getting the bone into its right position. So again, achievement of the bones in their general correct position is all we will shoot for. Keep in mind that cell organelles are FAR more complex than this.

So first, we have to determine how many possibilities exist given that there are 206 bones. In other words, how many combinations could we randomly make out of the 206 bones. A system of two parts (1 x 2) has two possible combinations...1,2 or 2,1. A system of three parts (1 x 2 x 3) has 6...1,2,3 or 1,3,2 or 2,3,1 or 2,1,3 or 3,1,2, or 3,2,1. And so on to 206 we go (1 x 2 x 3 x 4....x 206). This is called 206 factorial and it is approximately 10 to the 388th power. If this experiment could be completed every second for every single second available in some evolutionary estimates of 10 billion years...that is somewhere around 10 to the 18th power worth of seconds to work with. This produces a probability of 10 to the (388-10=370) power. The chance of getting the bones all in their correct position is less than one chance in 10 billion years.

Come back when you've done your homework."


These two paragraphs make it all too plain that YOU have homework to do. You need some education in biology, and more specifically I would recommend a developmental biology course. Yes, it seems miraculous that these 206 bones found their way, doesn't it. You're trying to look at these bones as if they fulfilled some sort of ultimate purpose, namely to make a man in god's image, but I can assure you they didn't. Evolution has no particular plan.

Ed, give up. Just give it up. Or if you're truly interested in understanding, go to school.


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