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Subject:  Re: One spouse files bankruptcy Date:  3/21/2005  11:35 PM
Author:  rosietomato Number:  200561 of 312293

>I think I'm doing enough. He keeps mentioning bankruptcy when I really think he needs to think of a way to pay his bills -- he needs about $1200 a month to cover his obligations -- so he can't work McDonalds.
>I just wanted to know my options.
Indeed, you seem to be doing a lot. If he still has $1200 a month of personal bills, have the two of you sat down together to talk about what it would take to reduce those to zero since he is jobless at the moment. Does he need the car he's driving or can he sell it to pay off other (I assume back-)obligations? No job, no need for a car full time. He can drive you to work and use your car if he has an interview, for example. Does he have a personal trainer too? Seems like an extra expense when a couple is down to one income. Hey, working at an upscale restaurant with minimum wage plus tips should net him at least $1200 per month! Doing a second part time job (night or weekend security) should help him get out of his negative cash flow.

Are you feeling positive about his potential ability to get a job? If not, are you willing to support a husband for the rest of your life? If not, you need to do some serious soul-searching.

FYI, DH and I maintain separate accounts and 'lifestyles' and pool only what is joint. But it does become fluid from time to time, and we accept the fact that I may need to cover for him and him for me if the situation warrants. We alter our personal spending lifestyles accordingly. Just something that works for us.

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